How to Get Verified On Twitter Easily

How to Get Verified On Twitter Easily

How to Get Verified On Twitter Easily

There is one thing on Twitter that ever celebrity and small business want to get verified on twitter easily. And the verification of Twitter really increases your popular more. Everyone tries hard to getting verified on Twitter. That blue verified badge wants everyone. Otherwise, that blue badge is also known as “ Get Twitter Verified tick ”. 

To get this badge you have to do very hard work and you have to become popular among Twitter. This Twitter verified tick will get after getting the achievement on social media. It’s not that easy to get the badge even celebrities and big corporations got the issue to get verified Twitter account. And that blue tick also helps people to know that account is the real one and not the imposter. 

Twitter revealed that every day 209 people are getting verified on Twitter. It is hard to get a verified twitter badge but not impossible. In fact, getting verified on Twitter is hard but not on Facebook and Instagram. Twitter too much popularity to verified someone. So although it may be difficult but not impossible. But in this article, we give you a guide to get verified on twitter easily. This guide will really help you to get verification and this your best chance. 


Guide to Getting Verification Badge on Twitter:


  1. Prepare Your Profile: 

Your profile is the impression to get verification. You have to make your good and it is hard to do your profile have just some certain prerequisites. Follow these steps:

  • Profile Photo: You can add your face photo in profile photo or your company logo. If you already well on other social media then it will be a good idea for those photos to match. 
  • Your Profile Bio: If anyone wants to know about someone on social media then the user will read there their bio. So make sure that your bio describes clearly you and your brand. 
  • Header Photo: Twitter also gives us to add more photos of us. A header photo that photo looks likes a banner. So you have to add a unique photo that describes your brands or you well.
  • Your Birthday: It is not necessary to add this but if you are an individual then you should set this. And also you can choose whether to make it public or not. 
  • Your Website: Your website is your best chance to give Twitter an opportunity to find out what you do and who are you. Even if you are an individual person, you should have a website that describes you. 
  • Your Contact Details: Twitter needs to verify that you are legitimate in every way that they can.  Have a confirmed email and phone number. This is really important to get verified. 
  • Set Your Profile to Public: This is the final step and it will allow Twitter to look over your profile properly. If you will get verified on Twitter then you can set your profile back to the private. You have to do your profile public during the verification time. 


More Steps that Help to Get Verified: 

  • Twitter Verification Form: If you want to get verified twitter that you have to send a Twitter verification form to Twitter. Send a verification request form to Twitter. That is a signal to Twitter that whether you are a company or not.
  • Enter a Website That Supports Your Application: Twitter wants that there should be a website that will support you and where your name or your brand mentioned. These websites will be used as a reference to verify you. Make sure that the website you use to make a reference should be reputed Twitter may disregard any insignificant website. 
  • What After Applied: Now you applied to verification and submitted that. So, now after all this, you have to give Twitter some time to make a decision. Later someday Twitter will respond to you with email after 7 – 10 days but it is not necessary that it takes 7 – 10 days maybe it may take longer if they are busy. 


In addition to the email, you will also get followed by Twitter’s and that means your account will be verified and they may come as a surprise to you. But what if your Twitter rejects your application. Don’t worry, there are more chances to apply to get verified twitter. You just have to wait for 30 days to apply the next application to twitter.