New Facebook Messenger Feature “Unsend Message”

New Facebook Messenger Feature Unsend Message

New Facebook Messenger Feature “Unsend Message”

Basically, Facebook is working on its platform to make its platform good for everyone. Back in April 2018, Facebook has been revealed that they are planing feature called unsend Facebook message. That information coming directly from the CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerburg. And they were just testing the new features.

Also, Facebook revealed that this idea has long under discussion and this messenger feature would be looked upon positively by most. There are many reasons for adding these types of features. But most experts were surprised that Facebook takes too long to add it. Like, if you send someone’s message then later they find out that is not accurate or the message spelling is not correct. 

Or they have sent an embarrassing message that they no longer want to see that message by that person. And you sent someone’s message to the wrong person. Or what if the message that you sent to the wrong person has confidential information that this person was not supposed to know that. This can create trouble for the sender. 


How the Deleter Message will See?


But now Facebook also has a feature to an unsend Facebook message. But Facebook takes to long to deliver this feature to the users. Instagram and Whatsapp both give this feature to the user long back. Unsend message Instagram that feature came long back. 


Instagram knows what its user wants. And Whatsapp also has the unsend message feature. But in Whatsapp, the message has been replaced with “This message has been deleted” notice. However, in Instagram message deleted without any notice. Facebook has announced that they will go with a replace message. 


How Much Time will be There to Delete the Message?


However, there is some opposition to the new feature being added. Some experts discuss that the conversation will become messy and confusing if the person who has sent message constantly being retracting, especially when the other person already read the message. 

So,  about this problem, Facebook also revealed that if you want to delete Facebook message then there is a limited time to delete Facebook messages. There is not an unlimited time to decide that they want to delete message Facebook or not. The user only has a 10 minute time window from the movement user to send the message. 

In only that time the “Delete Facebook Message” will show. After that time you will not be able to delete message Facebook and it will show another phone permanently. And this feature is also available to the Facebook group chat. However, you will have to delete message Facebook for everyone or not for the specific person.