What is the Difference Between Facebook and Instagram?

What is the Difference Between Facebook and Instagram?

All social media platforms are meant for connecting people with an internet connection. And these two platforms are the best example of connecting people with each other. Facebook and Instagram are the social media platforms where you can interact with several people and as well as you easily track them by their given pieces of information. 
This common information is known by everyone but here in this article, we are going to share some wide information that will help you to differentiate on Facebook and Instagram.

A brief history of Facebook and Instagram

As you know Facebook is owned by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004. This was the first revolutionary website that was meant to connect some college students and after a few it became popular. And the founder of Instagram is Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. At the initial level, Instagram was like an alternative to Facebook in 2010. 
But after some time this site is known as a photo-sharing platform.
Where people especially come for sharing their images and showing their lifestyles. However, you can massage from Instagram but you can not consider this site for this purpose. By the way, Instagram is now owned by Facebook. 
It is a product of Facebook. 

World’s largest photo-sharing website: 

Instagram is the largest photo-sharing platform. This is the website where people come only to post their images and short videos. And now you can share full lengthy videos in IG tv means Instagram tv. People communicate or share location status, feelings, and several other things. 
This is the best platform for business branding or product and service branding. In the past, you used to create large banners and other methods were popular. But now you can make a simple image using some digital attractive effects and your banner for branding will be created.  As well as you can track your audience to whoever visits your profile.

World’s largest connecting people website: 

Everyone knows about Facebook you connect with a lot of people with the help of Facebook. You can share your images and videos status as same as Instagram. The only difference is the USP. Facebook is known for connecting people and Instagram is known for photo sharing. 
So here I want to show these social media platforms as business perspectives. How could you be benefited from these social media platforms?  So in comparison to Instagram,  Facebook has been reducing its organic reach day by day.  Facebook is not the kind of platform where you post your business on your Facebook page and get more engagements. 
This platform is only reserved for massaging and photos, videos, status sharing. For your branding purpose, you need to pay for Facebook.

Affordable advertisement facility:

Now, this is the main aspect of these platforms. On Facebook and Instagram, you can run your advertising campaign on low budgets. Now if you compare this with Google then this way has the lowest cost than google. 
If you running a business and you want to spread your brand awareness then choose Facebook and Instagram and these will give you the best results. As well as its low-cost nature will impress you for sure. 

Timing of live chat notification: 

In this feature, you would have noticed that if you start a live chat on your Facebook page your followers will get a notification a little bit later in comparison to Instagram. It takes time to send you a notification on Facebook while someone makes the live chat on the Facebook page. But on Instagram, you would get an instant notification while someone goes live. So this is another useful tool you can use. 

If you want to instant live connection with your follower you can go with Instagram instead of Facebook.

Effective image filter: 

As we mentioned before Instagram is known for its photo-sharing platform that is why this social media platform has more options for effective image filters. After using these filters on your images you can make your post more attractive. This is the quality of Instagram. But as we talk about Facebook this social media platform is not responsible for giving you any kind of image filter. 

Hashtags trend: 

Now let’s come to the hashtag trends which is the backbone of Instagram. People use several hashtags to identify their niche and other business-related information. After using these trends you can increase your post reach. 
Once you use some hashtags in your Instagram post-Instagram try to spread your post with the same interest people.
But you can not leverage this facility on Facebook. You can use hashtags on Facebook as well but here it will not give you the same benefits. That is why we want to recommend again that you should use Instagram if you are an entrepreneur. 


Now we hope you have got the proper idea about how the whole system works. Now it is up to you how you would give some preference. Here if you are a business person go with both use Facebook for advertising campaigning. And Instagram for organic purposes. However, you can run ads on Instagram as well and if you do that then that would be so much fruitful for your business. So try both and get the best out of them.

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