Which is better Facebook VS Instagram?

Which is better Facebook VS Instagram?

Instead of asking which is best, we should focus on how can we make the best use of both of them. 
Here we will only talk about the business perspective, how you can use these platforms so that Facebook VS Instagram will give you the best profit. 
Although both platforms are owned by Facebook itself there are several differences between them. By using some specific strategy you can scale your business by both of these platforms. You need to understand why you are facing different problems on both platforms. We will cover all the facts and problems and as well as we will discuss how we can overcome some problems that affect our business. 

Organic reach of both platforms: 

From the beginning of any social media platform, they have the ability to provide every post reach on a high scale. Right now if we take some examples then Tiktok is the best for high-scale reach. However, it has a huge audience but the algorithm works according to TikTok itself. 
Basically, high reach means when a certain platform uses its algorithm to viral your post. And at the initial level, every platform is used to doing the same kind of things for making their platform popular. And now if we compare Facebook VS Instagram then you would find there is a big difference in reach on both sites. 
Instagram has a better reach than Facebook at the current time. You can not expect Facebook to give you a large amount of organic traffic. Because Facebook has such a huge customer base and it is not possible for Facebook to spread your post to the most possible results. Excepts you have some extraordinary content that is so much shareable and engaging.

Instagram reach: 

But if you talk about Instagram reach then here you would find some relief in this. Instagram is still able to give you enough reach as compared to Facebook. So here you can use your content strategy for the branding of your business. Here you can use some specific hashtags for your post or business and you can scale organically. 
But on Facebook hashtags are kind of useless items.

Which is better option Facebook page or Instagram account: 

Now you can guess which is the best option for the business to promote their business. Here are some facts,
If you want to grow your business on social media organically then Instagram and other platforms are the best choices. You can choose Youtube, Tiktok and other options are available.
But if you want quick organic results from Facebook then this could be your biggest mistake of all time. Facebook is not for organic promotions. If you have money to invest in this then it can help you. Otherwise, it is nothing but a waste of time.

Paid advertising on Facebook VS Instagram:

Paid is workable for every social media platform. Everyone needs money so that they can survive. So if you will invest in your marketing then you can make the best amount of money from every social media channel.
Basically Facebook VS Instagram has immense users’ data which they provide you once you pay them. They know the history of every user. And as well as they have fair data you can rely on that data. 
So if you want to make some investment in Facebook ads then go with this and the results would be fruitful. And here I would like to suggest that you can stick with organic results from Instagram. But if you think you are enabled to invest in Instagram ads then this would be the best deal for you. 
Both channels will provide you with the best results once you start to invest in their paid advertisements. 

Content strategy for Facebook and Instagram:

Everything is possible it means you can gain your business through organic results as well.
But for that, you need to focus on your social media content. Because content is the alternative to paid advertisements. Either you can use a paid promotion or you have to use quality content to compensate. 
But there are some distinctions in both content’s strategies. On Instagram, you can use a single creative image, or meanwhile, you can use some video content. But on the Facebook page likes, a single image can not provide you enough reach. So here you need to create some video content for gaining reach.
As well as your content should be actionable and shareable. This is the basic requirement for organic results in social media. If you are producing the best content for your audience in your entire industry then nobody can beat you. 

Gain your follower base:  

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