How to Delete All Tweets Easily

How to Delete All Tweets

How to Delete All Tweets Easily

Basically, there are many reasons to delete all Tweets. Sometimes reasons are more important than the Tweets. But the best method to delete all Tweets is to delete manually. However old Tweeters account with the thousands of Tweets, this will become quick problematic. 

When a tweeter wants to delete the Tweets then the user thinks that how to delete all Tweets at once but you can’t delete many Tweets manually.  But to delete many Tweets at once you have to use the 3rd Twitter app. There are too many applications to delete Tweets bu the best application to delete Tweets is “TweetDelete”. Below down we show you what to do. But keep remembering that if you delete any Tweets then you can’t get back them.  

  • Get TweetsDelete: The first we use to delete Tweets are called “TweetDelete”. And if you think that it is just app then no it not just an app. This a Twitter app and to use this app you need to connect your account with this. The best part of this application is this app is totally free. So, your first step is to go to the
  • Authorize It: Now to use this app you will need to authorize TweetDelete to your Twitter account. So, it can delete your Tweets. 
  • Delete Tweets: After you have authorized the app. Now the app will take back to the website. Now you will be able to choose far back Tweets you want to delete. But you can select the days the choices are following.
  1. One Week
  2. Two Week
  3. One Month
  4. Two Month
  5. Three Month 
  6. Six Month
  7. One Year      
  • Once you have chosen the time. Check the “Delete all My Tweets” and then click on the “Activate Tweet Delete”. 
  • Wait for It: After that Tweet Delete will process to delete your Tweets. It will take some time and time depends on how many Tweets you are deleting. This will take a few seconds or up to several hours. 

Advantage of Using This Method:

First of all, After completing all the steps above that will take some time. And all the Tweets will be deleted automatically. This will not take too much time. You just have to start all this process and then your tweet will get deleted automatically. This method saves your precious time that you are going to waste to delete all Tweets manually. 

And this other advantage of this application is this is totally free. The other app that offers to delete your Tweets those apps will end up with asking you to pay a fee before they do. So, this application is much better than others. 


Limit of This Method: 

There are just a few limitations to use this method. Whilst this application is the most used and popular. But there are still disadvantages to this app. First, you have to give a 3rd party app access to your account which is not good for long. But you take back your account from that you don’t have to worry about anything your account will be safe. 

However, you can revoke access from the app at any time. Just go the twitter setting and “app and devices” and then click on ‘Revoke access’ for the app. But keep remembering that if your tweet is more than one year old then TweetDelete will not be able to delete that tweet. If you want to delete them then you have to delete them manually. 

Also, there is a number of Tweets that you can delete are limited. And it all because of the restriction set by Tweeter. You can only delete just 3200 Tweets. Although, A natural account will not have that many Tweets. If you want to save some Tweets from that time then you can’t separate these. They will be deleted with others tweet. Your all Tweets will be deleted as of a big match. 

So, this all you have to do to delete all Tweets. This is how you can delete all your Tweets at once. Keep in mind that you deleted Tweets will not come back if they delete once.