How to Increase YouTube Watch Time on Your Channel


How to Increase YouTube Watch Time on Your Channel

YouTube is a huge storehouse of visual content which includes mainly videos. This Google-owned app has conquered the 2nd position in search engines. Millions of videos are uploaded on YouTube daily and are watched by billions of people. Videos uploaded on YouTube are on a variety of topics. It includes music, games, comedy, news, informative stuff, etc. YouTube has many interesting things to watch. Approximately YouTube has 22-24 billion monthly visits and the duration of each session is under 40 minutes.

YouTube has huge traffic which can extend your business’s boundaries and make it popular. In addition to this,  if you are an actor, the speaker you can create a portfolio, earning stream, etc. Also, you can achieve fame with your videos. But, when it comes to monetization you need a competitive youtube watch time and subscribers. You might be wondering ‘how to increase youtube views’ and ‘how to increase watch time’. In reality, to expand your reach and increase youtube watch time, you must develop or execute some techniques which are stated below.


7 Ways to skyrocket your  YouTube Channel’s watch time.


Attractive Thumbnail

YouTube states that 9 out of 10 most viewed videos use custom thumbnails. Also, it is the first thing that a viewer sees when they discover your video. An eye-catching, beautiful and clear thumbnail can make a way out. It will assist you to increase youtube views, adding to your watch time. 


Better Video Titles…

An easy and effective video title can help you to gain some quick views on your video. Better titles refer to titles that are readable and easy to understand. E.g You have made a video on the topic ‘How to shop online’ than titles like 

1) Learn Online Shopping

2) Online Shopping A to Z 

can go a long way. 


Video description.

Video description must have a brief description and introduction of your video. It must also include your targeted keywords. Video description is beneficial for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


Content and Relevancy

The audience loves relevant content to the niche. If you are creating spam video which is misleading and irrelevant then you might lose a large audience. Thus, content must be related to the context.


Longer youtube video

Long YouTube videos can accumulate a good number of watch time for you.  For instance, a video gets 100 views and its duration is 6 minutes then it will add up 600 minutes of watch time. On the other hand, a video of 5 minutes will add only 500 minutes. Resulting in the loss of 100 minutes (1 hr 40 mins.) of watch time. 


Make sure your videos are long but equally interesting and informative. 


Share the video on your blog.

A blog post with a video on the same topic is probably the first choice of the viewer/ reader. It is considered more effective. A blog can potentially help you to increase your views and watch time. 


Utilize the power of playlists and the autoplay button.

Linking one video to another which is relayed to the same topic is the best way to increase watch time. Playlists and autoplay buttons help to engage your audience in a better way.

This might also influence a person to subscribe to your channel. A must-use technique for serious YouTubers