How To increase Instagram video views Organically

Increase Instagram Video Views

How To increase Instagram video views Organically

It is the most asked question nowadays on social media that how to increase Instagram video views. Because the popularity of Instagram is increasing dramatically day by day.

Many brands, small businesses, fashion, food, and many other industries are sifting completely into Instagram, for making their brand popular.

And many bloggers also giving their huge attention for the Instagram fan following because here they can make a good amount of money for their niche related work.

 The reason behind the craze of Instagram for the brands and businesses and bloggers is Instagram has a huge audience that has different interests. And if you are a brand and a business person you can find your ideal audience easily on this platform.

The process of being a brand is going through the content which you provide your audience. And content in video form can expand your brand in a very small time because people are engaging easily with your video content.

So now you make videos and post it but do not reach a large audience then how to fix it? Here I am sharing some tips and tricks that can increase your Instagram video views organically. 


Make a clear and well-edited video:

 When you make videos make sure your videos must be clear and edited. However, Instagram does not accept much large pixel videos on their feed video but you can use high-quality videos for IG Tv.

Because people use to watch a clear visual and high-quality sound video. So try to make a decent video that is good to watch.


Make an engageable content: 

For getting more views you need to make an engageable and valuable content that gives value to your audience. So instead of spreading your product’s agenda in videos, you can educate him and give him knowledge about your product and tell them how to use that or you can share the benefits of your products and services. Because people are not interested in watching the same thing again and again. 


Make eyeball attention at the beginning of your video: 

Instagram counts a view on your video when he finds that someone watched your video for 3 seconds. So either your video is so helpful but you need your start with some rare attention. For eyeball attention, you can use a short testimonial or use of your product scene. With the help of a good start, people will watch your full video. 


Use “tag someone” post:

Using some creatives on your video you can call your audience to tag your video to their friends as well as you can motivate them to comment and like in your post. It will increase engagements on your post and make your content viral. Tagging someone can expand your content reach and help to get more Instagram video views.


Use the right hashtags:

To expand your video reach you have to use not only hashtags but some right hashtags. You have to use at least 30 hashtags in your post. Use some popular hashtags and few of your niche related and unpopular hashtags. Use the location tags also. 


Link your Instagram account to Facebook:

It is important that your audience should be connected with you at all platforms so after linking your account with facebook you can approach your facebook audience to connect with you on Instagram. Either you can approach your audience on every platform to join your Instagram account. 


So these are some easy tips which you use for increasing your Instagram video views.

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