What is Instagram and Why Instagram is so Popular?

Why Instagram Is So Popular

What is Instagram and Why Instagram is so Popular?

What is Instagram?


Basically, Instagram is a social media platform. Where you can post your photo and you can share your thoughts. You have most likely heard about it. If you don’t know about Instagram and want to know about then in this article I m going to do an overview it for you. And going to tell you that what is it.

Instagram is a Photo – sharing an app for all types of users. But when Instagram was launched that time Instagram is online available for only iPhone. But now it is available for all platforms. You can easily use it on iPhone, Blackberry and Android. 


Here is Bit about Instagram:

  • Instagram was launched on October 6, 2010
  • Was Found by Systrom.
  • #1 in the App Store within 24 hours of launch.
  • iPhone App of the weak.
  • Record holder as the fastest app to 1 million downloads. Occurring on December 21, 2010
  • Was Launched in 7 Languages but now it is available in 36 languages for Android and 29 languages for IOS.
  • Pass 25 Million users in early March 2012. Now Instagram has 1 Billion Downloads. 


So what Instagram actually do?


First of all, I want to tell you how to start Instagram. It is easy to start. Go to the app store, Download, Set up an account, choose a username, and upload a profile pic. This is all you have to do to start Instagram.


Photo Sharing:


Basically, Photo sharing is the main point of Instagram. You can share your photo on Instagram with some cool filters and also you can a caption there. You can take a picture within the app or you can use a photo that already exists on your phone. 

A photo can be instantly shared, not only on Instagram but also on facebook and twitter. You can also connect with some new people with Instagram and also you can tag that in your photo with the location. By default, your photos are public on Instagram. 

But if you don’t want to do your photos on the public then make your account private account. Then whenever anyone wants to see your photos they can see your photos without your permission. 


Social and Meet New People:


Instagram is like other social media platforms. It based around having friends and followers. On Instagram, if you want to see other photos you have to follow them. At the top of the profile of everyone you can see the username, profile pic, how many photos have been posted, how many followers the account has and how many they are following. Whenever you follow someone their photo shows up in your feed. 

The only other thing you can do is like other photos and comment on their photos. You can ask a question in the comment and appreciate their photo. Once you use Instagram then you realize how much people get fun on Instagram. Instagram has a really friendly community.

Instagram lets you know which of your Twitter and Facebook friends are using it and you can easily start following them. Instagram also suggest you peoples that you know. And also you can easily invite anyone on your contact but that simply link to your address book. 

But If you want to find some Interesting people that will really like you then find a popular page and with the most likes and see which person is similar to you. When Instagram was launched at that time it’s only used for fun but now Instagram is used for promoting our personal brand. 

In the starting, no one wants to increase there followers because in the starting followers doesn’t matter people just want some fun. But now the follower’s matters. For popularity follower’s does matter. 

That all is just to promote there brand. But in starting if anyone wants to increase followers then they do hard work and do 3-5 posts per day. But now it is easy to increase Instagram followers. You can easily buy Instagram followers.

Not only you can buy Instagram followers. But also you can buy Instagram likes and you can buy Instagram video views. To get any kind of Instagram services there are too many websites for it. So you can easily buy Instagram followers and all kinds of Instagram services. 

But The Question is Why Instagram is so Popular?


The Photographs:


When Instagram started everyone upload some amazing photographs. That you can easily see on Instagram. First when Instagram was launched that only available for iPhone. Because of there amazing camera. And everyone takes beautiful and crispy shots and share them on Instagram. Buy now that is not like old it is all about your popularity. 


Trending And Followers:


To get more followers you have to upload some more interesting photos. That can get more like and also it can get on the trending section. Where all the trending things go on. If your photo goes there in trending than your followers will really increase because everyone shows the trending section.

In the trending section, there are only those photos which are got too many likes in much less time or which is really Interesting. So everyone goes there and find something interesting and if they find their kind of photos then they like there photo and follow them. 

So if you want to increase your Instagram followers then try hard and get your photo in the trending section. Buy If you don’t want to try harder then there is another way to Increase Instagram followers. You just have to buy real Instagram followers. 

There are many websites where you can buy real followers for Instagram. But keep in mind that not only can buy Instagram followers you can also buy real Instagram likes and also you can buy Instagram videos view for your post. 


The Community:

As my thought Instagram community is a very enjoyable community. I never saw people doing something wrong on Instagram. But now there are some people who are spreading negativeness in the Instagram community. If you ignore them then Instagram has the best community. But I saw people who have a large following and he is trying to do something good with his following.  

So that all you have to know about what is Instagram and why Instagram is so popular? This all you have to know about Instagram. Thus, You will not know about Instagram until you use it itself. Using Instagram yourself will be a great idea to know more about Instagram. And also If Instagram also gives updates with some new features every month.