Creative Ways to Use Facebook Messenger for Business

Creative Ways to Use Facebook Messenger for Business

With changing times, a lot of people are shifting to the texting mode. That is why it has become important to know how to use Facebook messenger. Everyone wants to know the most about the product and event in which they are putting money. 

It is your duty to provide relevant content and information to your audience. Using Facebook messenger without Facebook will not work effectively. Sometimes, you will need to work through both.

Before you use Facebook messenger for business, you need to know why it is important. More than 50 % of the audience likes buying from the sources they can text with. Also, the majority of them prefer texting over calling.

For all these reasons, it is important for a business to become accessible. Use Facebook Messenger to provide the answers to your audience. Below, we have mentioned some ways to use Facebook messenger:

Answer customer FAQs via automatic replies

It can become a time-consuming task to use Facebook messenger for business. More so, when you have to repeatedly answer the same or similar questions. In this case, we suggest you activate automated responses.

In order to use Facebook messenger effectively this step is important. Go to your business Facebook profile and click on the INBOX tab. There you will see the option of automated responses on the left side.

Now, you need to know the questions which are generally asked. To use Facebook messenger properly, note the main questions down, like:

  • FAQs
  • What are the services you provide?
  • Where is your office located?
  • What is the warranty period?
  • How do you provide customer service?

After this, you can customize your replies by adding buttons to reach particular answers. Remember to keep your replies simple, up to date, and check if the links are working twice.

Send follow up and reminder texts

When it comes to the business which requires making appointments, send reminder texts to your customers. Use Facebook messenger for this task. When a customer wants to book an appointment, they like easy options. So, add a BOOK NOW option in your messenger.

Facebook makes it easy to book an appointment without leaving the page. This is how you can use Facebook messenger for business by helping your customers effectively.

Once the appointment is booked, send follow-up texts and reminders to your customer. Use Facebook messenger in a way that suits both you and your customers.

Make a conversation with people interested in your event

The next step to use Facebook messenger for business is to make a conversation with interested people. For this, you should talk with the people who have pressed the booking button. Also, talk to the ones who have shown interest in your event.

You can set the messenger to open the messenger directly after the people book. You will get a notification when someone books a spot and you can start the conversation. This is how to use Facebook messenger effectively and mostly.

Here’s a tip to maximize your conversions. Customize the audience who can view your advertisements and booking options. This will help you to gain a higher number of bookings.

Putting the “SEND MESSAGE” option on your newsfeed

Have you ever seen a “Send Message” option on the right side of a post? It is basically a great trick to start a conversation with your customer. You can’t use Facebook messenger for business to initiate a conversation with your audience. However, you can ask them to do so.

By putting this option, you give words to the thoughts of your audience. For any query that arises, they get an option to solve it there and then. This way you will be able to use Facebook messenger without compromising your profile image.

Retargeting ads on Facebook to interested people

Now, this becomes an interesting combo of Facebook and Facebook messenger. People, using messenger without Facebook, can get one time chance for sure. However, to improve target chances, you can try retargeting ads.

You can look for the people who have shown interest in your profile and can retarget them. This is how you can use Facebook messenger for business to maximize conversions.

Use Facebook’s custom audience feature, to retarget the audience via messenger. Set up the sponsored messenger campaign to target the custom audience automatically.

So, these were the five interesting ways in which you can use Facebook messenger for business and its marketing. To give a tip for starting the conversation, talk as if it’s the only chance you have got.

Make your leads thrive for more, instead of feeling the same with all the online businesses. Use Facebook Messenger to build the first good impression so that your leads come along.

Know your audience and build them into your customers. Also, know some of the Social Media Marketing strategies for a Multi-Location Business. This will help you to grow if you have outlets located in multiple locations.