Social Media Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

Social Media Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

Social Media Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

Social media networks have envolved everywhere over the last few years. social media users no longer live in the times when social

media networks were used for mainly connect with peoples or posting regular Images. Social media is becoming the main source of almost everything, including news, e-commerce, entertainment, and many more things. The involvement of social media has changed the game for traditional marketing. there are a lot of questions have been on every people’s mind for a while now. Many peoples don’t know which option to choose and many business owners don’t know which marketing option suits their business the most. According to survey reports, 92% of business owners claimed that social media marketing is much important for their business, with 80% their efforts increased traffic to their websites. social media marketing is the platform to make a good relationship with business owners or customers. Since then Social media vs traditional marketing becomes the most debatable topic for digital strategists.


Traditional marketing is the mainly conventional mode of marketing in this marketing used since the beginning of marketing and advertisements. This includes:





*Flyers and billboards by the roads and highways.

*Ads in related weekly or Monthly magazines.


Social media marketing is the marketing mode of the global. It is only obvious that the era of the internet will have its influence in every area of life.


Social Media Marketing includes platforms like:


Social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Business networking sites like LinkedIn.

Promotional ads via emails.

Paid pop-ups.


Clickbait thumbnail links for viral content.

social media marketing is more organized than traditional marketing, though all the types look similar. Now that we know what traditional and social media marketing is, let’s find that the winner of the traditional Vs social media marketing. Which is better?



Social media networks have a much active and much more responsive community. Instagram has over 500 million daily users. Social media marketing reach to the maximum people compare to traditional marketing. You can’t reach to your target audience only if you do traditional marketing but on the other hand, you can reach only the target audience only if you want on social media marketing. Social media marketing provides you to reach your product branding globally but traditional marketing allows your branding to limited places. Traditional marketing media viewers are mainly very broad audience, which results in irrelevant ads being served and lower ROI. On the other hand, social media marketing offers a method for advertisers to mainly target relevant audiences, social media marketing advertising results in the right message being delivered to the right person at the right stage. Traditional marketing never matches the reach of social media marketing. social media marketing has lots of benefits also, on social media marketing audience share their experiences with other peoples on your website through reviews about your products or comments on your post and promote your business but on the other hand, traditional marketing has no options for that.


Engagement with the Audience:  

Traditional media marketing can never offer the customers to communicate with the company but social media marketing offers to the customers direct communication with the company. an audience can interact directly with representatives of the brand or with other customers. Not only this type of engagement produces a discussion, but it helps the company to know what they are doing and what they can improve. In traditional marketing, you can not post comments publicly on any brand or their products but in social media marketing, you can post comments publicly. With traditional marketing, you can not actually communicate with your target audience. You need to wait out for the responses to come in before you can plan your next step. This is a long process. Social media marketing gives you to engage with your audience in the current time. You can chat, talk and discuss a lot about your brand or Company with the actual audience. Yes, social media marketing demands more engagement from your side too. Marketers need to be prepared to invest that much time or a public relations team into the marketing budget.

Brand development:

For the Brand development Social media marketing vs. Traditional marketing, statistics can be measured, but one thing in these statistics is not considered in comparison to online advertising. Traditional advertising brand image gives birth to online advertising… You can have a whole website on social media marketing instead of a column on a newspaper page on traditional marketing. You can keep forward things to people whenever you want to own a blog or a Page on social media marketing. With this space, you can create a consistent image for your Company. on traditional marketing, this is something one advertisement aired on the radio or posted in the newspapers cannot give you. And will also help in branding your business.


Higher exposure:

Compare to social media marketing with traditional marketing, the exposure of social media marketing is very high. You know that a television ad or an advertisement in every newspaper in town is not going to cover the majority of the population. It means traditional marketing advertisement is limited to a certain locality. whereas social media marketing advertisement reaches out to the entire world, for example, if you post about your brand or product on any platform social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc about your brand or product then that post reaches to the maximum people around the world. But one thing you need to care about, you need many more people to follow you so your post can reach to maximum people. If you haven’t much more followers on social media then you can buy real Instagram followers from social media service providers. so you are missing out on nothing.


Now that we know what the conclusion regarding traditional Vs social media marketing revealed for us, we all can agree that social media marketing wins. However, traditional marketing is still indispensable for the audience that is itself still traditional. So, a smart blend of traditional Vs social media marketing, enabled by a good analysis of social media marketing vs. traditional marketing statistics, will get your brand where you want it to be.