Instagram Success Stories – Increase Instagram Followers

Why You should need Instagram followers?

Instagram Success Stories – Increase Instagram Followers

Becoming popular on Instagram, or building a large following has enabled a big amount of individuals and brands, to become widely popular or successful. Use solid marketing strategies to promote their Instagram profile. Now there is a chance for you from being nobody to becoming a big sensation. There are many Instagram success stories that we will tell you in this content. 

There are many famous brands already on Instagram. And some brands were already famous when they join Instagram. But some brands who want to make a huge following on Instagram buy Instagram followers. And when they acquire huge followers now they are ready to launch their business and become a well-known player in their industry. 

After making a huge following Instagram, they use a clever marketing strategy to promote their product and business to get an impressive amount of sale. Here are some examples of people and companies who use Instagram to become a hero from Zero and these are the best example of Instagram success stories. 


Famous Brands:


Watch Brand: Do you know that one of the most successful watch companies build their brand almost on Instagram. In just 5 years, they build their brand of style and affordable. And now they made more than $80 Million in sales. Their strategy is to post stunning photos of their watches regular for their Instagram followers. And it has played a significant part in them to managing and build a successful eCommerce business.


Fashion Brand: A fashion brand has used Instagram to make a name for themselves but they sell their clothes via their eCommerce store. They always target a younger audience, and they manage themselves as a popular youth clothing brand by growing their Instagram profile to just 70000 targeted followers. Their ability to get Instagram followers has allowed them to turn their small business into an international brand.


Clothing Brand: All clothing brands have become huge after getting a presence on Instagram. Clothing brands have become widely popular. They advertise their clothing by posting photos to their Instagram followers. Also, they have over 150K followers and their every follower gets up to hundreds of likes. And definitely, Instagram is giving them huge sales for their products. Instagram is the best channel for them to promote their brand more. The common strategy used by them is to buy Instagram likes and it really helps them to get more sales.


Everlane Brand: Everlane is the first digital apparel brand that builds a strong following. But the first Everland makes a huge following on Snapchat and then after it makes a good following on Instagram. Now at this time, Everlane has a huge following on Instagram, it has over 750K followers now. And now Instagram is the best platform to get more sales. Everlane products come at an affordable price and its product quality is the best also there service is very good. They give updates on Instagram when their new products come they post it on Instagram to show their followers.


Aritzia Brand: Aritzia is a huge clothing brand.  Aritzia is a brand that also builds a huge following on Instagram and it has over 721K followers on Instagram. Nowadays, fashion companies are all on Instagram and they all have an edge on Instagram. Also, Aritzia uses one of the best Instagram features they use shoppable stories. They provide the product link in their stories that helps there followers to find the product easily.  Aritizia uses the best Instagram story templates to make their Instagram stories awesome or more attractive. Aritzia knows how to make Instagram stories that can bring more attraction and that really works for them. Also, they use Instagram stories to give updates to their followers.