How to Retarget Facebook Ad Traffic for Conversions

How to Retarget Facebook Ad Traffic for Conversions

With brands going online, social media platforms have also become active market areas. Facebook retargeting ads are one such way to target the audience which can turn into leads. Thus, it can be converted into customers.

NOW, for the general public Facebook retargeting ads can be guesswork. However, strategists know that these ads are specifically targeting the audience. These retargeting ad campaigns are based on search history. It is a way to make a second impression on the audience who has visited your site.

For a digital marketeer, the retarget Facebook ad is really important. It can be a deal-breaking promotion and provide them, ideal customers. You can try to provide better discounts on these Facebook retargeting ads to attract customers as well.
This article will tell you how to create the best retargeting ads for Facebook. Also, how do these retargeting ads work on Facebook? So that you can get your potential buyers and increase your sales.

The work of Facebook Retargeting Ads

Coming straight to the point, these ads target the people who have already shown interest in your products. The retargeted Facebook ads appear on the feed of the people who have visited your website. These ads basically are the second impression of the product on the audience.

The Facebook retargeting ads, thus, should be more informative. They should come with the details which were not provided to the audience earlier. Also, they should also be comparative, so that the audience knows why the product is better.

This process of retargeting Facebook ads traffic can increase the conversion rate to a great degree. Moreover, you can choose your objective of promoting via social media. Whether you want a Facebook retarget ad for increasing traffic or to make conversions makes a huge difference. 

How do choose between the traffic and conversion objectives?

It is important to set the priority among different objectives to have a successful Facebook ad campaign. This sets the line of target straight and provides better results. 

If you are already an online selling platform, then it is good to go with the conversion objective. However, Facebook retargeting ads for creating traffic is much insightful when it comes to new markets. Introducing new products in the market is tricky, as the audience will seek information. 

Once the objective is clear, you can move further on how to retarget Facebook ads effectively. This will decide the authenticity of the audience and the traffic that you will get.

How to successfully begin your Facebook retarget ads campaign?

After all, is said and done, it is time to implement the Facebook retargeting ads. There are many tricks to finally turn your potential targets into leads. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Setting up the base

By this, we mean to create the pixel and conversion event of Facebook. The retarget Facebook ad traffic needs to be carefully dealt with. You need to install the Facebook pixel and conversion event.

This will help in successful landing on the site pages when the Facebook retargeting ads are viewed and clicked. Add the website link on your Facebook, so that the products viewed by the audience will appear on their feed.

  • Choosing the Traffic objective

After installing the Facebook pixel, move on to the second step. Choose the traffic objective for your retargeting Facebook ad. Remember, it will only work if you have little or no pixel history of using Facebook pixels.

Set your objective and see the leads you are getting. These Facebook retargeting ads will get you traffic on your site and from there you will get to know the right time to switch the objective from traffic to conversion. Choose your target audience and placement of ads carefully.

  • Target leads from an ad campaign

After the traffic objective, it’s important to build a custom lead section from the retarget Facebook ads traffic. The audience you need to target is:

  • Who has visited your site
  • Who has visited a specific item but didn’t make a purchase
  • Who viewed your lead but didn’t click upon it
  • Who has been an old customer
  • Who reached your contact page
  • Who started the buying process left it incomplete
  • Who read your blog
Dividing attention on this basis will make your Facebook retargeting ads more fruitful.


  • Switching the objective from creating traffic to building conversions

Once your traffic objective has provided you with successful retargeting Facebook ad traffic, move on to the next step. Creating traffic is a way of making your products and brand renowned.

After that, it is important to make some customers. Switch the objective of your Facebook retargeting ads and start building customers. This is how the best retargeting ads on Facebook work. First, they provide you the potential leads, and then, they provide you, customers.

If you already have an interactive landing page, then you should directly choose the conversion event for your Facebook retargeting ads