How many followers do you need to become an Instagram influencer

How many followers do you need to become an Instagram influencer

Now in social media, the biggest trend is to be an Instagram influencer. It is a charismatic career where you build an audience and are known by tons of people who are interested in your niche.  Here you have an opportunity to send your message to several people. And you would be admired and appreciated by your audience. 
After that, you can make money from Instagram by sponsorship, affiliate, or you can sell your products and services as well. If you are capable to provide some value in the market then you can easily succeed on Instagram influencing the game.
Now maybe you have the question in your mind that how many followers are enough to be an Instagram influencer. So in this article, we will share all the relevant information that can guide you for putting a good enough and make enough money from Instagram.

How many followers do you need to deal with a sponsorship: 

Here the number does not matter most whether you want to deal with sponsor ads or going to sell your own product.
What really matters is consistent engagement. If your audience is more actively following your every activity then you have a chance the generate money with the help of your audience.
Suppose you have 1 lakh followers on your Instagram account. And you get the deal with a company to sell their product but if you never got enough response from your existing Instagram followers. How could you expect that you can sell the products without influencing your audience? 
That is why you need once you collect a very responsive audience from where they send you several questions. But you can not give the answers back because they are too many. 

How could you build such a responsive audience: 

Now you know that you need not the too big audience but besides having a big audience you need a more responsive audience. For that type of audience, you need to post the content on a daily basis. If you want a consistent response from Instagram followers you need to be consistent with yourself. 
I know at the initial level nobody will give a response nobody will interact with posts. But once you consistently post content or information people start focusing on you. They notice your content and then engage with that. 
And after a few times you when you get a very responsive and engaging audience you can easily sell the product and get benefited. As well as you can confess any sponsorship to work with you for a long time. 

The beginning to become an Instagram influencer: 

What would be the correct time to consider yourself as an Instagram influencer. Suppose, once you wake up in the morning and your Instagram account is filled with tons of new messages or questions. You do not have any idea who they actually are but you that they are your fans and asking for common questions. 
And you are not able to answer all those questions one by one. You decide to make a video chat and you fix a particular time. The time when you need to fix the time to meet lots of people at a certain time that your time has a value.  At that time you can send your audience everywhere. 
Then you can consider yourself as an influencer. Because you and your actions are influencing a lot of people.

Now  time to expose the exact follower to get a sponsorship deal: 

Now as I mentioned before that your audience’s interactions matter most. Because we have seen lots of influencers on Instagram who have a million followers but still struggling to sell a single product of advertisers. Whereas we have those people as well who have only 1000 followers but so much successful. 
The reason is the same without having a healthy relationship with your audience you can sell the products. Sometimes you can connect this with trust.  Anyway, let’s talk about the correct number.
Now according to some research, if you have 1k followers you would be paid 10$ for your one post by the sponsorship. And if you have 10k you will get 100$ for your one post. If you have followers in this quantity you can ask for a deal. 

I am pretty much sure that now you have got all the ideas of how this system works. And you can make money from Instagram. If you want to do affiliate then the rules are the same for that as well. But if you want to sell your own products or services then you do not need to ask anything for any kind of deal.
But you have to follow all the processes as you follow for others. 

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